Free Tickets

Winners of Yannis Kotsiras Tickets Contest

London: Mary Burt, Rob Hamilton, Panagiotis Psarias, Georgia Kalogeraki, John Meletiou, Rosemary Norton, Virginia Anagones Garcia, Georgia Polymera, Amalia Koutsogianni, Theodora Bithara

Amsterdam: Ingrid Voldeda, Paraskevi Tsikripi, Sabine van Erk, Luca de Koningh, Georgios Serefias, Maarten Vervaat, Thomas Vieveen, Fem Kramer, Maria Papapanogiotou, Jannie Tschataridis Roekel.

Bruxelles: Lydia Wouters, Magda Tsitsoni, Anastasia Georgiou, Sandra Cordier, Jerry Konincks, Natasa Kacic-Bartulovic, Dimitri Hatzis, Panagiotis Sotiropoulos, Linda Lampaert, Maria Kalteremidou.

Free Tickets Contest for Alkinoos Ioannidis Concert 2018

Five double free tickets will be given in total for Alkinoos Ioannidis concert in Amsterdam. No tickets will be sent to the winners, but they will be included to the Guest list. Winners will be announced here around 15 to 20 of April 2018 and they will be informed by email.

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