Thanasis Papakonstantinou: A Voice that Resonates Through Generations

Thanasis Papakonstantinou is a Greek singer-songwriter and poet. His music combines elements of rock, folk, and traditional Greek music.

Papakonstantinou was born in Elassona, Greece, in 1959. He studied mechanical engineering at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In the military, he began to form his first songs.

His first appearance in the discography was with the songs “Legionary” and “Black Cat” on the album “Division” by Vasilis Papakonstantinou (it is a simple namesake). Before pursuing music professionally, he worked as a public works contractor. He lives in Larissa, is married, and has two adult twin sons, one of whom, Konstantinos, also works in music and has also composed music for a feature film.

Papakonstantinou has collaborated with some of the most important Greek musicians. In his recordings, productions, and concerts, he has participated, among others, with Giannis Agelopoulos (vocals), Sokratis Malamas (vocals), Melína Kana (vocals), Martha Frinizela (vocals), Giorgos Mihaïl (vocals), Giannis Charouli (vocals), Matoula Zamani (vocals), Babis Papadopoulos (guitars), Giorgos (Mandouk) Apostolakis (guitars, keyboards, harmonica), Alexis Apostolakis (drums), Dimitris Bassalas (double bass), Dimitris Mystakidis (guitar, lute, bouzouki), Fotis Siotas (voice, violin, keyboards), Pantelis Stoikos (trumpet, baglama), Floros Floroudis (wind instruments), Kostas Parisis (guitars), Tassos Misirlis (cello), Michalis Haniotis (bouzouki) , Florian Micuta (keyboards), Kostas Theodorou-Dine Doneff (double bass, drums).


Papakonstantinou has released 17 studio albums, 1 live album, and 1 compilation album. His most notable albums include:

  • Agía Nostalgia (1993)
  • Stin Andromeda kai sti Gē (1995)
  • Tis Agapis Gerakáris (1996)
  • Láfyra (1998)
  • Vrachnos Prophétis (2000)
  • Agrypnia (2002)
  • O Sámanos (2008)
  • O Elachistos Eautos (2011)
  • Proskólisi se Deipno Kyanío (2014)
  • 5 Χειμώνες 6 Καλοκαίρια (2016)
  • Me Stoma pou Gelá (2018)
  • Aπροστάτευτος (2021)

Papakonstantinou’s music is often described as “contemporary Greek music”. It is a genre that combines elements of rock, folk, and traditional Greek music. Papakonstantinou’s songs often deal with themes of love, loss, social justice, and the human condition.

Papakonstantinou is a popular and respected artist in Greece. He has won numerous awards, including the Greek Music Academy Award for Best Male Singer (1996) and the Hellenic Radio and Television Award for Best Album (2000).


Papakonstantinou has cited a number of influences, including:

  • Greek folk music
  • Rock music
  • Traditional Greek music
  • European folk music
  • Jazz
  • Classical music


Thanasis Papakonstantinou is a significant figure in Greek music. His music has helped to shape the sound of contemporary Greek music. He is a popular and respected artist who has won numerous awards.