Yannis Kotsiras Live in London

Yannis Kotsiras Live in Amsterdam

Enjoy and Share presents one of the most successful Greek singers: Yannis Kotsiras in the fantastic venue the Union Chapel.

Years go by, but songs stay. Though Some of them stay out of playlists. Those are the kind of songs Yannis Kotsiras wants to share with us. All the songs we have loved and we all uses to hum, but rarely listen to in his concerts are gathered in a two-hour music performance.
All time favorites ballads as “’Tipota”(nothing) or “Pos tha pethano ego yia sena”(that I will die for you) and many more, find their place among other well-known songs, old and new. From his very first album, up to his latest O ti Thymasai den pethanei”(Whatever you remember never dies), in an unplugged program, focused on human relations and on the serenity the songs emit.

Three great musicians share the stage with him:
Akis Katsoupakis plays the piano and is also responsible for the arrangements, Vangelis Machairas plays a wide range of string instruments and Kostas Michalos is the guitarist of the group.

Enjoy and Share introduces for the first time in the Netherlands, the famous Greek singer Yiannis Kotsiras who will share with us in an acoustic program the best known songs from his first to his last album.

Yiannis began his career in 1990 and has already recorded a total of 14 albums, that most of them became gold and platinum. He has among others worked with Haris Alexiou, Dimitris Mitropanos, George Dalaras and many other famous Greek artists.

Three great musicians share the stage with him this evening: Akis Katsoupakis plays the piano and is also responsible for the arrangements, Vangelis Macheras play the string instruments and Kostas Michalos play the guitars.

Locomondo Live in London


Locomond Live in Amsterdam



Locomondo is one of the most known and successful bands in Greece. The band fronted by Markos Koumaris , the main songwriter and composer of the group, fuses reggae, ska and Caribbean sounds with Greek traditional musical elements. Locomondo is the first Greek band which has fused Caribbean sound together with Greek musical elements and Greek lyrics, producing a fresh sound and a new approach to the already known forms of Caribbean as well as Greek music. Since 2006 Locomondo has been on tour in Germany every year with great success. They have also toured Belgium, France, Italy, Turkey and Russia. They have played together with Manu Chao, Amparo Sánchez and Amparanoia during Greeces biggest festival Rockwave. In their live shows, Locomondo tries to capture the energy and feel of the crowd in order to create a great “fiesta”. Many of their songs have been big hits in Greece. Since 2004 Loco mondo has released 6 albums. Two of their albums were recorded in Berlin (Locomondo Best of and New Day Riser) produced by record company Monopole. Vin Gordon, the trombonist of the world famous Studio One and ex-member of Skatalites, has participated in their second album, which was recorded in Jamaica in 2005.

Locomondo is composed of the following 9 members:

Markos Koumaris – Vocals, Guitar
Yiannis Varnavas – Guitar, Vocals
Stamatis Goulas – Keyboards, Sampler, Vocals
Spyros Mpesdekis – Bass
Stratos Sountris – Drums
Christos Kalaintzopoulos – Accordion
Dimitris Gasias – Violin
Thanasis Tampakis – Sound engineer
Konstantinos Chrysos – Stage engineer

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